Beaded Pendant Necklace - Gemini

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Product Description

We've layered multiple shades of turquoise and gold beads to create a stunning necklace that we know you're going to absolutely love. The Beaded Pendant Necklace features a lucky blue stone pendant, to create harmony and balance. The multiple strands of beads give this piece a powerful look that pairs well with a wide variety of looks. It's comfortable to wear and is a true statement piece that you'll love to wear again and again!


    ★ Gemini (May 21–June 20)

    ★ This stylish Beaded Pendant Necklace is fun like the lively Gemini.  Gemini are sociable and versatile, this necklace is definitely a multi-use piece to talk about. Individuals born under this sign are thought to be versatile, lively, sociable, intelligent, friendly, and fun. This necklace is apart of the astrology collection.


      ♥︎ One Size

      ♥︎ Stellar Blue Stone Pendant

      ♥︎ Turquoise and Gold Bead Accented

      ♥︎ Imported

      Maximum quantity available reached.

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